About Praveen

praveenI am Praveen Kumar, one who behind this site. I am from the country where the yoga has originated and I hold a Master Degree in Physics. I am also expertise in Behavioral Psychology, NLP, Gestalt Psychology, Gesture Psychology, Mind Control and Hypnosis.

As a kundalini meditation practitioner, have been practicing it from 2004, I would like to express my point of view and the understandings in the field of kundalini yoga meditation.

My kundalini energy was activated through the Shakthi-pat process under the guidance of the renowned guru Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharshi. I have been in East-West University of Unities sciences - Fernhill Ooty, India ( affiliated to East West University Chicago, USA ) for few years on studying various aspects of yoga and metaphysics. Thus looks out for the correlation between the scientific, psychological and philosophical aspects of it.

My quick story:

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About Website

This is my first service website hosted on May 2014. Total website page views exceeded 100,000 for April 2015.

This website is presented with the categorized articles that are updated on regular basis. The articles are backed up with science, philosophy, psychology, metaphysics and scientific research. These articles are also based on my own experiences on the path of kundalini yoga meditation. The articles on this website can educate oneself in the field of kundalini yoga meditation and other areas of yoga including metaphysics, psychology, and philosophy.

This is the unique website which elucidates the facts and realities of this supernatural meditation with the intention to reach millions of people around the world.

In the case of any technical issues encountered with this website during the file download and also for further clarifications and guidance in the field of kundalini meditation practices, please feel free to contact me through the website contact form. Your Suggestions and feedbacks are also very much appreciated and are valuable to us.