How meditation influence the genes?

How Meditation Influence the Genes?

The mind and the body are interconnected and there is a mutual transformation within them. The mind is not a physical entity and designates the psychological state of the man. There were many scientific studies conducted to ascertain that how the mind can influence the physical body.

The healthy body is the place for the healthy mind. Meditation can influence the heartbeat, body temperature and can also affect the involuntary actions of a person that is well known to the science. The deep relaxation techniques not only calm down the mind but also reduce the unwanted stresses that are encountered and accumulated in the life obstacles and situations. This shows that it affects the human being to upsurge their physical and mental health for their wellness and to free from the diseases.

It is already known to the science that there can be changes to the level of chromosomes without affecting the nature of the genes. This shows that the chromosomes are dynamic structures and it gets influenced by our lives and lifestyles. The activities of the genes in the cells of the body get very much influenced by the mental process of meditation. The result of the experiment was that the genes are changing and are dynamic rather than static. (see 10 Benefits of Practicing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation)

This also showed that the other mental process such as strong belief also can cause subtle influence in the genes of the person. If such mental activities can alter the genes slightly, then what about the meditation practices which is a powerful process of the mental activity. It is certain that the meditation practices can greatly influence the genes structure. This is not only in a spontaneous manner, but the aspirant can alter the genes coding consciously. This is not a quick process, but it takes time. Such a similar experience can be seen in the JJ Semple, a meditation practitioner and author of the book ‘Deciphering the golden flower one secret at a time’ who has been subjected to apparent physical transformation.

Studies on meditation practitioners

This yogic practice has a deep-rooted insight in the existence and the evolution of the human race. The genes play a vital role in maintaining the traits and physical appearance of the human body. They play the key role in the bodily functions and its manifestations. This yogic practice can also apparently influence the nature and the codes embedded in the genes and hence totally altering the nature of human qualities to the higher realm purposefully. (see How Yogic Practice Controls Mind Over Love )

The studies were conducted on the various types of meditation practitioners. Their genes were carefully examined and the changes the taking place in their genes were noted over past few years. Their genes showed the increased bacteriocidal activity with an increase in the immunity and also resulted in the betterment in the antioxidants. These studies showed that the meditative practices can change the gene character which leads to the improved healthy cells and tissues in accordance with nature and surroundings. This was finally revealed by the Molecular Genetics and the details are given ]]>here]]>.

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