Mantra Yoga in the Modern World

Mantra Yoga in the Modern World

There are special words with secret codes and sounds that are formed into phrases that can create mysteries in the human life and nature. These specially-coded sounds are called as mantras. This words will have energy when they are arranged properly which are in harmonious that can produce the required effect.

The universal transformative power of the word is also an important approach to yoga as connecting to the universal vibrations of consciousness. As noted by Pandit Vamadev Shastri “the mantra yoga provides as a mean to understand the sacred sound from the perspective of a tradition that has taken it beyond mysticism into an organized and codified spiritual science.” Every matter in the universe has energy and frequency which shows that they are interrelated. Hence, the sounds or vibrations produced by the men can also influence this cosmic world. This also includes the events and the happenings of the world. In the human body, every organ, mind, and consciousness are also influenced by this mantra. It is mentioned in the Upanishad that a mantra become far more powerful when it is meditated upon rather than whispering with the words. The effect of certain mantras is apparent only when the aspirant acquired the power of it by the repetition of the mantras in the allotted number of times in the spiritual atmosphere.

Each chakra has also a unique vibration which is given by the bija mantra. The external subtle frequencies as like the bija mantras can also influence these chakras. This ancient form is a tool and it has an impact in the spiritual progress. This secret code has also impacted in the health and life a person. The mantra can be termed the asana for the mind. (See Kundalini Chakras and Energy Centers in Man)

Ritual practices for Mantra Yoga

Rituals are important aspects of mantra yoga. Rituals are not only used in this art form but also used in the sacred and spiritual practices. Mantras are usually accompanied with certain actions termed as ritual practices. This practice also includes the different postures of the body and hand.

The mantras can begin simply with the five-fold offerings. The different postures of the body during the ritual practices are the mudras. These mudras are used to energize the mantra and the mantra is used to energize the mudras. The ritual practices of this system are

1. Om Lam Namaha- The sandalwood paste or fragrant oil for the rejuvenation of the Earth elements. This is for the sense ‘smell’.

2. Om Vam Namaha– The sweetening liquid like the milk for the water elements. This is for the sense ‘taste’.

3. Om Ram Namaha– For the fire element the ghee lamp can be used. This is for the sense ‘sight’.

4. Om Yam Namaha– The air element can be rejuvenated by using some incense. This is for the sense ‘touch’.

5. Om Ham Namaha– The space element or the ether element can be rejuvenated by using the flowers. This is the sense ‘sound’.

Here all the five philosophical aspects of nature such as the Earth, water, fire, air, and space are involved in the ritual practices. One has, to begin with, these aspects as these are the building blocks of nature. ( Read also Bhakti Yoga a Review of Ancient system)

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