How to create a comfortable place in the garden for yoga?

How to create a comfortable place in the garden for yoga?

If you’re looking to create a comfortable place to meditate, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure you have a comfortable seat or stool. You can also try to create a calm atmosphere by adding music or a light show. If you can, make sure you have plenty of space to sit or lay down. Finally, make sure you have plenty of water and a cup or mug to drink.

If we talk about places of rest in the garden, they can be different in function. This is both active recreation (area for badminton), relaxing by the fire, sitting with friends (area with a table or outdoor couch), a cinema in the open air and many other options.

In our hectic world sometimes we want a completely different rest: to take a short break, think about what we have done, dream about the future. Nature encourages such reflection, and today we’re going to show you how to equip a meditation and secluded resting place. How to create it, what to pay attention to and what makes this area different from others.

The first step. Choosing a place and size

It is desirable to place the area for a secluded rest in a secluded place, away from the other areas and buildings. And it is for sure that this place should not be well screened. Ideally, if we can organize the site under the crown of trees at the back of the site. Your task is to create a “green room”.

The size of such an area can be anything from 10 to 100 square meters, depending on the size of the plot and the function of the site. If you want to create a maximum chamber space for one person, then 10 square meters will be enough. And if it is, for example, a platform for yoga + tea area, they will occupy a much larger area.

The second step. Filling the basic elements.

First you need to create a sense of security. Trees or tall shrubs are good for this purpose. Thuja, spruce, sod, lilac, oak, maple – choose plants with which you have positive associations.

Then move on to the middle tier of plants. This can be any coniferous or deciduous shrubs up to 1-1,4 m in height.

Be sure to add your favorite perennials (or annuals in a planter). Given that this area is isolated from the rest of the plot, you can place flowers in a different scale here. And the whole area can be in a different style than the rest of the plot.

Remember about the place to sit (or lie down). This can be a garden chair, a bench, or even a deck on which you put cushions or a yoga mat.

Third step. Decorating the space.

Elements of decoration can be different, their main task is to evoke positive thoughts and emotions, to awaken good memories, to energize.


There is nothing more relaxing than watching water. You can create a “mirror” of water. This can be a bowl of water, a small body of water, or a watering hole for birds. You can also use water in motion. For example, a small stream, bubbling water, a cascade of stones.

It is very important not to overdo it with water objects. There should be no active movement, loud sound or pump noise. Therefore, a waterfall or fountain is not the best solution for a meditation area.

Visual point of attraction.

Contemplation allows you to immerse yourself in your inner world. Consequently, you need to install something in the seating area that you will contemplate. It could be a water feature, a niwaki tree, an art object, or a continuous blooming flower bed.

Scent, sound.

Remember all the senses. Think about what sounds and scents relax you? What makes you feel peaceful? There’s no universal recipe, because some people like the rustle of grains, and some like the sound of bells ringing. Some people like the smell of mint, and some people can’t stand the scent of hydrangeas. Take your pick.


Something personal.

A retreat area like no other should be personal. Try to create an ambiance that’s personal to you. It’s great if it reminds you of a pleasant trip (the streets of Italy, a Greek cafe).

The main thing that you should keep in mind when creating a recreation area, that you are doing it not for the guests, not for children, namely for yourself. So think first and foremost about yourself. Only in this way you can create a cozy corner, which will be your personal place of power.

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