Why you need yoga equipment

Why you need yoga equipment

Did you know that yoga sports accessories are not limited to mats? Let us tell you why you need additional sports equipment for yoga and what kinds of it exist.

Why do we need yoga equipment?

There is a common misconception that yoga accessories are only needed for beginners to help with flexibility. In fact, they can be used by an athlete with any level of fitness and stretching.

Additional yoga equipment is needed for:

  • relaxing the body;
  • breath control;
  • lowering or raising the level of difficulty of the exercise;
  • Working out additional muscle groups along with the target muscles;
  • quality stretching;
  • strengthening muscles, joints, and ligaments;
  • reducing the risk of injury during exercise.

Types of yoga accessories

There are many types of sports equipment for different purposes during yoga. Let’s tell you more about them and their main features.


The main inventory, without which it is difficult to imagine yoga practice, is the mat. Its main function is to soften the contact of the body with the floor. Without a mat, a workout can cause discomfort or pain in the back, knees, elbows and so on.

Yoga mats are also anti-slip due to the textured surface. This allows you to hold your hands and feet securely in place while exercising.


A bolster is a roller that looks like a pillow. It is usually placed under the back for soft support during yoga exercises. The bolster facilitates the performance of asanas, relaxes the body and stretches the spine.

The main material for filling the accessory is sintepon, wool or buckwheat. The size of the bolster is chosen individually, depending on the parameters of the body.

Pillow for meditation

The meditation pillow is specially designed to sit comfortably in one position. It comes in square and round shapes. The height, length and width are chosen individually according to the parameters of the body.


The belt is an effective tool for grasping the legs with your hands. During the exercise, one end of the belt is fixed on the leg and the other end is held by the hands. During the pull-up, a sag in the back is created to stretch and develop flexibility.

The yoga belt can also be attached to surrounding objects to practice flexibility and stretching. The accessory is made of a special material that does not chafe the skin during the workout. The longer the belt, the wider the range of exercises.


A yoga bench is needed to help you perform the bends, to prepare your body and practice different asanas. The bench can also be used to relax the spine and stretch the back.

The bench is compact, with a width and height of about 60 cm. The main material is wood. You can put a mat on the bench for softness during yoga classes.

Block (brick)

A block is a rectangular bar made of wood, foam or cork. This yoga equipment can be used in almost all exercises. The brick often helps during bends, twists, and stretches.

The blocks are compact and easy to store and transport. The average size of the accessory is 23 x 12 x 7 cm (L x W x H).


The chair is a rare accessory. The main reason is that it is very easy to replace it with improvised means.

The chair is used during meditation or to help with deflections. The height of the inventory is selected individually, depending on the parameters of the body.


Swing is a yoga accessory, which is a system of ribbons made of soft cloth. The equipment has handles to secure the arms and legs.

Swings allow you to perform additional exercises that are impossible to achieve without them. The accessory is secured at the ceiling.

Sirshasana props.

An accessory specifically for headstands during yoga practice. Sirshasana props consist of two stubborn posts for the shoulders and two blocks to rest the hands.

During the exercise with the accessory, the head hangs freely. Sirshasana props does not put stress on the spine, so exercises with the equipment are safe. The accessory is optimal for strengthening muscles and stretching.


The wheel allows you to create a stop, like a block for yoga. The equipment is used during the bends, to develop balance and strengthen the abs. Also, depending on use, the wheel can lower or raise the level of difficulty of the exercise.

yoga equipment


The backbender is an arc-shaped stand made of wood for stretching the back during yoga classes. Helps with exercises and flexibility. The design of the backbender is stable and does not wobble during yoga practice.

Blanket (plaid)

When folded, the blanket is used to open the chest or to support the back and shoulders. You can sit on the accessory to gain height or cover yourself with it during shavasana when it is cold.

The blanket can also be used in place of a mat for soft contact with the floor. However, the accessory has no anti-slip properties and does not prevent hands and feet from slipping while performing asanas.

Myofascial release ball

Myofascial release ball is a high-density self-massage accessory. It is used to relieve muscle tightness and to work the joints in isolation.

The accessory is compact and often has a textured surface for deep massage. The main materials of the ball are PVC, silicone, rubber and stone.

Wall Ropes

Wall ropes have an attachment to the wall to perform bends. The sturdy accessory material is resistant to all kinds of stresses.

In addition, wall ropes are often used as an aid for beginners with inverted poses. Mostly the equipment is used during Iyengar yoga classes.

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