Yoga on a ball: performing the best exercises for the abdomen and back

Yoga on a ball: performing the best exercises for the abdomen and back

Yoga – a versatile sports practice that allows you to train the totality of spiritual, physical and mental aspects of the person. Long sessions effectively improve endurance, well-being and health.

Unfortunately, traditional yoga practice on a mat gets boring for many people very quickly, and pregnant women sometimes find it difficult to perform some of the exercises. That is why a new method of this culture with the use of a gymnastic fitness ball is actively developing.

Exercises with the ball are quite interesting for young women, men, the elderly and children. Many have even noted significant changes in the function of the spine. It becomes more plastic and stable. And also disappears headache and back pain already after 2 lessons on a fitness ball.

It is recommended to perform gymnastic exercises under the supervision of a specialist. Most people actively seek the help of a fitness trainer. It is he who helps to master the practice of yoga with a ball for beginners, and prepare the untrained body for further action.


Doctors note positive changes in the dynamics of recovery of patients. After all, with the help of effective asanas you can not only lose weight, but also improve the health of the entire body. The main thing is to choose the right exercises for the degree of your condition, so that yoga treats, not cripples.

Indications for practicing yoga:

  • The need for physiological therapies.
  • Preventive measures to maintain beauty and health.
  • Recovery of the body after serious injuries.
  • Classes for pregnant women to relieve pain and stress on the vertebrae.
  • Strengthening the muscles.
  • Strengthening flexibility.

It is worth noting that preventive measures in human life play a significant role. Exactly the lessons on the ball will allow avoiding some diseases and injuries.

If for you yoga serves as a way to get rid of excess weight, it is important to review your diet, to get pleasure from performing asanas. Heavy foods will only “put the body to sleep.”

The benefits of yoga for humans

Scientific research has advanced quite far in the study of the features and effects of yoga on the body. Classes allow you to develop flexibility, endurance and physical strength. However, the benefits of Indian practices do not end there.

In addition to preventive measures and disease control, fitness classes play an important role in the formation of the CNS and the mental state of a person. Yoga exercises on the ball bring great results in combating a number of physiological and spiritual problems.

Practical classes are necessary if a person is experiencing difficulties in certain situations. Let’s consider them in more detail:

  • Stress, depression, anxiety. Frequent causes of a depressing state are problems at work, school, or in the family. A 10-week course of yoga on a fitball can help get rid of unpleasant thoughts and feelings.
  • Arthritis. This disease mainly haunts the elderly, so certain exercises on the ball need to be done with extreme caution.
  • Asthma or other respiratory problems. It is important to pay attention to your breathing, and keep it in a state of complete calm and balance.
  • Problems of the cardiovascular system, blood circulation.
  • Hypertension.
  • Pain in the spine.

The list can go on for a very long time, because yoga can solve a huge number of ailments. That is why most doctors advise patients to attend these classes under the supervision of specialists. And also practice asanas at home.

Requirements for beginners

Beginning yoga, it is important to know some rules and recommendations on how to perform a home practice. Without mastering this material, you can easily get injured, as well as aggravate the condition of a possible disease.

A list of rules for exercising on a ball:

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Long hair in a curl or ponytail.
  • A quiet and spacious room, with no bystanders.
  • Mandatory 15-minute warm-up before the main exercises.
  • Yoga for no more than 30 minutes to start (not including warm-up).
  • Fitball according to the recommended size: taken into account depending on your height.
  • A glass of water near the place of the class. Do not leave the comfortable state of peace and quiet room.
  • It is desirable to include a relaxing and monotonous melody.

Before the practice, it is imperative to drink water, and leave breakfast for later. After your home practice, you should take a contrast shower to get your metabolism going and get your metabolism going.

Exercises for beginners

  1. Sit on a gymnastic fitness ball and keep your balance. The back should be as straight as possible, the legs connected together, and the hands on the knees. This position perfectly works all muscle groups of the back and abdominal area.
  2. Jumping on the ball in a sitting position. The legs should not come off the floor, then all the muscles of the lower limbs and back work.
  3. Perform jumps around the house, holding the ball between the knees.
  4. In the prone position on your stomach, do slight rolls backward and forward. Place your hands flat on the floor, slightly bend your knees, and keep your abdominal area on the ball. Do the exercise carefully, without sudden movements.
  5. And the last exercise is similar to the 4th, but we do it lying on the gymnastic ball.

This list of easy exercises is suitable even for untrained people with low physical endurance. They can be borrowed as daily warm-ups before basic asanas.

Yoga on a ball

Exercises for Advanced

To proceed to more complex exercises, an average level of fitness is required. It is desirable to study video and photo materials of yoga on a ball, which will help to understand the correct technique of execution.

  1. Leg swings in a lying position on your stomach – 15 times on each side. This task requires complete concentration and balance.   Lie on the ball with your stomach and chest, rest your arms on the floor and keep your legs straight. One by one raise your legs high to the ceiling, taking into account your flexibility and endurance.
  2. Make the first exercise more difficult, so as to fully embrace the ball with your arms.
  3. Exercise for abs. Lie down on your whole lower body and stomach so as to put your feet on the floor and leave your chest and arms in the air as much as possible. Lift and lower the body to the floor and bring the hands together on the chest.
  4. Push-up on a ball. An excellent exercise allows you to complicate traditional push-ups by the fact that a person still needs to keep his balance.

Yoga on a fitball effectively strengthens the spine, treats most chronic diseases, helps in the fight against bad habits.  But do not put too much pressure on your body, otherwise your interest in Indian practices will evaporate in a moment.

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