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The articles on Kundalini-Meditation are based on the psychological, philosophical and scientific research. This website is presented with the articles related to the various aspects of Yoga and meditation practices, health and wellness, self-help and spirituality, mind and body.

The First Step Towards Knowledge is to Know that We are Ignorant.

-- Richard Cecil

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influential qualities of highly respected persons
2016-08-23 12:52
Significant influential qualities that will forge a person the most respectful and powerful personalities in the world
Third Eye Meditation
2016-05-23 20:21
Psychic energy center – third eye has a significant interest through the ages in spirituality where the people look for the practical techniques to open it.
Habits of Most Successful People
2016-05-05 11:44
The habits of most successful people are not inherited in them but developed in various life circumstances.
Control Thoughts During Meditation
2016-04-11 17:24
This is one of the most asked questions when one step into meditation as how to control the thoughts during meditation.
Powerful Meditation Techniques
2016-03-15 19:45
Whatever we do physically or mentally to rejuvenate and tranquilize the mind in a constructive way is the meditation
Cold and Cough Relief
2016-02-24 22:55
Expecting the real health benefits by doing yoga exercises without ‘Kapalbhati’ will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the benefits.
2016-02-12 15:50
The scientist found that – brain which is the residing place for intellect has shrunken for about 10% for the last few millenniums.
Free will and Determinism
2016-01-30 20:02
Is it destined or a choice of your free will that you came across this title? Find out more about this.
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