How to make a home yoga studio for the home

How to make a home yoga studio for the home

Yoga has beneficial effects on the body, soul and mind. Regular exercise is very important to achieve a positive effect. However, we do not always have the opportunity to visit a yoga studio. Experts consider it ideal to exercise in nature, but in the conditions of the climate this is not always possible. We will tell you about how to make a home yoga studio in a city apartment. This will help you not to interrupt classes even in winter and perform asanas at home.


The room for yoga classes should be spacious and bright. Choose a room with a large window. Many exercises and asanas are performed when exposed to sunlight.

A room with glass walls is ideal. In such a room it is easy to breathe and it is always bright. If you do not have an opportunity to make walls of glass, then paste the room for yoga with light wallpaper. The room will seem spacious and filled with light. In addition, calm tones help relax.

In the studio of yoga pertinent small lights, emitting dim diffused light. Artificial lighting does not play a big role in the classes. Much more important is the presence of natural ultraviolet light.

Remove from the room all unnecessary things. You need a lot of space for classes.

Fresh air

Many yoga exercises require deep breathing. Therefore, you need to have fresh air in the class room. You should regularly remove dust from the studio and ventilate the room. According to the teachings of yoga, only a clean body can cleanse its spirit. Remember that stale air and dust particles clog up the lungs.

It is desirable to install an air purifier and an air ionizer in the studio. If this is not possible, place plants around the perimeter of the room. This will help to purify the air.

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The interior of the room should be dominated by light, pastel colors. Such a color scheme promotes calm and relaxation. Avoid bright, screaming shades. They are inappropriate in a yoga studio.

Many people use yellow in the interior of the studio. However, this shade is undesirable. Scientists have established that yellow tones have a negative effect on the psyche. Therefore, it’s better to choose more muted colors: from white to light beige.

You can create an interior design in the Indian style. This will help you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ancient teachings. However, do not overload the room with luxurious carpets and pretentious oriental furniture. After all, the room should be spacious and functional.

It is enough to add a few accessories, reminiscent of Indian culture. These can be paintings of Buddhist themes, clay figurines of animals and birds, statuettes of Hindu deities.

Do not forget to buy a yoga mat. Preference should be given to products with a soft pile. You should not use ordinary woolen carpets, you can very easily tear your skin on their hard nap.

If you do not use a rug, you should choose a suitable floor covering. It is best to bed a light-colored laminate flooring. Parquet or boardwalk flooring is not suitable, as you can get splinters. Not desirable to use linoleum and tiles. These materials create a feeling of cold, and this is not at all conducive to relaxation.


In the yoga studio, it is advisable to place plants that purify the air. These include:

  • golden lotus;
  • aloe;
  • snake tree;
  • chlorophytum;
  • bamboo palm;
  • chrysanthemum;
  • philodendron;
  • peaceful lily.

It is also helpful to place indoor plants that radiate positive energy in the studio:

  • lavender;
  • jasmine;
  • geranium;
  • basil;
  • rosemary
  • orchids;
  • roses.

Your yoga studio doesn’t have to look boring. You can give it a jungle look. This will create an atmosphere of tranquility. Place plants of different heights and textures in the room. This will help diversify the design of the studio. Find space for ferns, vines, and a tall fig tree.

Grow houseplants in hanging decorative vases. To make the studio design more colorful, use macramé pots.


It is useful to place a clock in the yoga room. This will help you time the time allotted for the exercise. A floor or wall clock with a timer mode can be useful. They will signal you the end of a certain period of time.

Some people like to place an hourglass in the yoga room. This accessory will beautify your studio. It makes a nice rustling sound of sand, which creates an atmosphere of peace and comfort.

Nice little things

It’s very important to create a positive mood for yoga classes. Therefore, you need to choose the right accessories for the studio. It is desirable to buy the following useful and pleasant little things:

  • Soft cushions. You will need this accessory for resting between exercises, relaxation and meditation. A yoga pillow will help you relieve tension from your joints and muscles.
  • Props. These are yoga aids in the form of chairs, bolsters, straps and bands. They make it easier to do the exercises.
  • Yoga blankets and plaids. These accessories will be needed when performing deep relaxation postures (shavasana) and yoga for sleep (nidra). In Aiyengar yoga practice, blankets and plaids are used as props. They facilitate stretching exercises of the spine and relieve excessive strain on the muscles.
  • A large mirror. It will help you monitor the correctness of the movements.
  • Indian incense. It is very important to choose the right aromatic substance. Avoid cheap perfumed incenses and products in the form of plasticine. They create heavy and overly saturated smells. Give preference to fragrance sticks and incenses with natural ingredients.
  • Player. This device will help you perform exercises and meditation sessions with pleasant relaxing music.

Yoga studio on a balcony or bay window

Yoga studio can be arranged only on a large balcony. After all, you will need a lot of space to perform asanas. This is a good place for classes. After all, the balcony has a lot of sunlight and fresh air. However, you will have to spend a lot of effort on the decoration of this room.

Be sure to take care of insulation of the balcony. You can do yoga only in a warm room. The cold will not allow you to fully relax. In addition, during the classes your muscles warm up, and overcooling is fraught with cold.

A bay window is also suitable for yoga classes. It is a part of the room that protrudes beyond the surface of the facade. The bay window is usually glazed, so there is always enough light and air. In this room you can always be secluded and concentrate on the exercises.

If the bay window faces the east, it is ideal. After all, the asanas are performed by turning your face in the eastern direction. According to ancient tradition, in this way a person welcomes the sun.

Not an expert opinion

Creating a home yoga studio will require a lot of effort from you. You may have to completely renovate and re-equip one of the rooms. However, such an investment of effort and money is quite justified. You will always have a secluded corner for exercise, meditation and relaxation.

When creating your studio, try to think carefully about every detail. This will help you make your classes more comfortable. Remember that to achieve the effect of yoga you need sunlight, fresh air and a calm positive mood.

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